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Classes in LCSD (Dept. of the Govt. of the HKSAR) [Nov. 06, We are employed by LCSD as the instructor of their Master & Engineer courses.]
boat license course in LCSD

Training course for LCSD staff. boat license course


Lee Lai Shan and Wong Tak Sum in our grade 1 class

Kwok Chun On in our Master & Engineer Classmaster & engineer course

Chan Kwok Pong in our Master & Engineer Class

Carl Ng in our Class

Kenny Wong in our Practical class 駕駛訓練

Classes in other boat clubs

in Aberdeen

in Causeway Bay

Our Classes


Grade I operator course (written part) 一級操作人

Mock Questions practicing
(Instructor explains the questions to the classmates individually)

Special instructions to the classmates before their exams.