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  • Who may operate a pleasure vessel in Hong Kong waters?
    Anyone over age of 18 with valid Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate.
  • Which Government Department is responsible for pleasure vessel license?
    Marine Department, located at 3/F, Harbour Building, 38 Pier Rd., Central, HK. Tel: 2852 4941.
  • How is the examination operated?
    One should answer 40 multiple choice questions in each part of the Pleasure Vessel Grade II Operator Certificate exams. (Candidate must take both Part A & Part B together in the first attempt, passing rate is 60% or more) .Written test & Oral test will be required in Pleasure Vessel Grade I Operator Certificate.
  • How much is the examination fee?
    HK$1,255.- per each certificate.
  • What is the validity of the licenses?
    The license Valid up to the holder’s age of 65, renewal is then required afterward, no annual license fee is required!
  • What would be the costs to maintain a pleasure vessel in Hong Kong?

    All depends on the type & condition of the vessel.

    For instance, a 6.5 meters long speed boat equipped with a 150 HP outboard engine would cost:
Transfer of Ownership $355 *
License Fee$670 (per year) *
Mooring or Hardstand $4000-$4800 (per month) *
Insurance (third party only) $1500-$1800 (per year) *
Routine Maintenance$5500(per year) *

*Prices quoted are for reference only and are subject to final confirmation by Marine Department and various service providers.