Pleasure Vessel Grade II Operator (Part B engineer) Course

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Content:Engine Structure, Fuel Supply System, Ignition System, Cooling & Lubrication System, Transmission System, Maintenance, Fire & Safety Precautions, etc.
Day/Time:2 evenings
(7pm – 10pm)
1 selected Sat.
(1pm – 7pm)
Qualified:Age 18 or above

*Price including course material but excluding Government examination fee HK$1,255.-


(1) To prepare your exam, you have to come back to work on our model questions after the course, which is free of charge for our students, but should be within a period of 2 years upon completion of the course.

(2) During booking of your exam in the Dept. if you found that the date which they allowed is too far or too long for you, you can first take the date, then reschedule it accordingly to an earlier one afterward.

For further information, please call us on 2891 3220, we are pleased to help.

(For inquiry / enrollment, please ring 2891 3220 /  Whatsapp: 9314 1062 “Message us” / email us

Up-coming course:-

Part B (engineer) 27 & 28 May 20217 – 10 pm
24 & 25 Jun. 20217 – 10 pm