Pleasure Vessel Grade 2 Operator Certificate / “Pleasure Vessel Licence”

Starting from 3rd of April 2023, the Pleasure Vessel Grade 2 Operator Certificate “Pleasure Vessel Grade 2 Licence” examination will be conducted at PEAK Examination Centre, Vocational Training Council (“VTC”). Please check the following website for more details

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Pleasure Vessel Licence

The licence requires 2 exams. (Part A master and Part B engineer), participants have to take 2 courses, each course takes 6 hours to finish.

Grade 2 boat licence
Part A (master) Course
Part B (engineer) Course

Videos of navigation lights and engine parts will be displayed, as to help better understanding of the course.

(For inquiry / enrollment, please ring 2891 3220 /  Whatsapp: 9314 1062 “Message us” / email us

Grade 2 Boat license course Pleasure Vessel Grade 2 Operator Certificate


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Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 2 Pleasure Vessel Licence