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Pleasure Craft Grade 2 Licence


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grade 2 licence

To drive pleasure crafts on Hong Kong waters, the pleasure vessel licence is required.在香港水域有牌者才可駕駛遊艇出海遊樂。
What is pleasure crafts?遊艇:
Crafts which are registered in Hong Kong for pleasure purposes such as yachts, speed boats, wakesurf boats, jetski etc.是指在香港海事處註冊作為遊樂用途的船隻, 如:快艇、滑水艇、水上電單車、出海遊玩的船隻等。
Pleasure vessel licence:遊艇牌:
Official name is called Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate.官方名稱為遊樂船隻操作人證明書,簡稱 “遊艇牌”
To get the licence:發牌:
The licence is issued by Hong Kong Marine Dept. (Government Dept.)由政府海事處發牌
Age 18 and up年齡18歲或以上
Starting from 3rd of April 2023, the “Pleasure Vessel Grade 2 Licence” examination will be conducted at PEAK Examination Centre, Vocational Training Council (“VTC”). 由 3/4/2023開始,二級”遊艇牌” 考試會在職業訓練局高峰進修學院 (“VTC”) 進行。
2 examinations are required*:-
1. Part A (master)
2. Part B (engineer)

*Part A and Part B examination
can be applied separately, but must be completed within 2 years.
1. 甲部 (船長)
2. 乙部 (大偈)

40 multiple choice form questions for each part of the examination; total questions for both Part A and Part B are 80. 考試模式為多項選擇題,每個考試各考40條,共考80條。
Passing rate: 60% or more.合格率為60%或以上。
boat license exam at PEAK
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