Pleasure Vessel Grade 2 Operator Certificate / “Pleasure Vessel Licence” Course (Part A master)

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Grade 2 boat license
boating license

The Pleasure Vessel Grade 2 Operator Certificate “PVOCC” / “Pleasure Vessel Grade 2 Licence” requires 2 exams. (Part A master and Part B engineer), participants have to take 2 courses, each course takes 6 hours to finish.

Content:Chart Knowledge, Buoys & Marks, Lights & Shapes, Signals, Rules of Road, Seamanship, International Flags, Local Knowledge & Regulations, VHF Sectors, Typhoon Signals, Fire Precautions, etc.
Day/Time:2 evenings
(7pm – 10pm)

*Price including course material but excluding examination fee
Qualified:Age 18 or above
Pleasure Vessel License course


(1) To prepare your exams., you have to come back to work on our model questions after the courses, which is free of charge for our students, but should be within a period of 2 years upon completion of the course.

For further information, please call us on 2891 3220 / Whatsapp: 9314 1062 “Message us” / email us, we are pleased to help.

Grade 2 boat license
grade 2 operator